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How to Whitewash Panel

Another challenge with this 1950 home is the paneling.  I hate panel (sorry wood lovers).  I mean, I hate it! But sometimes you are just stuck with it.  So I am going to do something else wood lovers disapprove of, I am going to paint it!  Whitewash it actually.  A thinned down, lightly applied coat of white so that you can still see the wood grain and a bit of brown peeping out is all you need.  Then to distress it I brushed black with a dry brush which I will also be doing to the cabinetry.  Here are the preliminary results!  I will add more pictures as I move along.


whitewashed panel
whitewash outdated panel for a fresh look
white wash outdated panel for a fresh look
white wash outdated panel for a fresh look

This panel had a particularly awful color, so my first attempt with a 1:1 ratio of paint and water wasn’t enough.  I used straight paint on this bad boy, I just pressed my brush in harder to make the paint spread farther.  I used a tiny brush to get in where the bricks are and the edges.

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