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Scrapbook Cards

Scrapbook Cards are such a great way to use up small scraps. I have been busting out coordinating card sets as thank you gifts for donations to our church youth group to help get the kiddos to camp.  (Consequently, if you would like to make a donation…) As I was saying, I just love making these little sets so I wanted to share.

Recently I made a mixed media owl canvass and thought I would try a card version

owl card
Use up those scraps by making these cute owl cards

Here is the whole set

owl cards
Use up old scraps making these cute owl cards

As you can probably tell I just rough cut these guys, no pattern or anything which make each one unique, but I decided to make a little template so it would be a little easier which you can download here:

owl card template word doc

owl card template pdf

The backgrounds while coordinating are all different so I could save on paper since the idea is to use up the small scraps.


The next set is pretty simple.

handmade cards
Whip up some cute cards with your left over scraps


These sets as I said were thank you gifts, so I made these matching pennant thank you cards to top them off:


hand made cards
Whip up some cute cards with your left over scraps

The banner thank you cards obviously are just strips.  I like to make it easy on myself by making each pennant different widths and lengths so I don’t commit myself to order.  Less mistakes, less stress! I was lazy and just used my envelop board punch to cut the bottoms

Just tie it up with a bow!

hand made card sets
Whip up some cute cards with your left over scraps






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