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Bread Bowls

For some reason I simply cannot break bread.  There are just too many variables and it takes too long and by the time the bread is ready for the next phase I have long lost interest and moved on.  I did try though.  And After I made a successful batch of paper weights I went to Walmart and looked for a solution.  No bread bowls of course, but I did find some large round rolls that were about the right size.

So here’s how I made them “soup-able”:

I cut off a lid and scooped out the insides.

Then I replaced the lid and painted a mixture of egg white and 1 tbl. water on the outside of the rolls (top and bottom)

After that I sprinkled a bit of garlic salt on the tops and sides

I baked them until the goo had crisped up and I was left with a beautiful bowl.  I changed temperatures several times with different rolls as I was multi-tasking, so temperature doesn’t matter.  Anywhere from 200 to 400, they didn’t seem to mind.

bread bowls
Transform store bought bread rounds into decadent bread bowls

Aren’t they pretty?


The egg helps firm up the bread so it can stand up to the soup, and the garlic just makes it taste awesome!  I baked these on a bare rack, by the way, and they do stick a bit so just gently move them around after they have been in there a few minutes.

Now, don’t make the mistake I did.  I put potato soup in them and practically sent myself into a diabetic coma!  WAAAAAY too much starch for one week!  Also, my soup was thick and you could practically eat it like a sandwich!

Fancy meal without the fuss, and a bargain as I spent about 3 bucks for 12 rolls!  That’s what I’m talking about!

bread bowls
Transform store bought bread rounds into decadent bread bowls

Bon Appetit!

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