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We are located at
Merchant Kitty

This week Sept 11-18

Friday night we are painting chalk board inspired warm beverages. Sound vague, well that’s because you can choose your favorite warm beverage. There are 3 styles to choose from: coffee, tea, or cider, or you can just go rogue and paint hot white mocha raspberry cocoa!

Then Saturday night we will be getting our boho on again and making these fun tassels. What in the world do you need these for? Well, you can hook them on your bullet journal which is what drove me to learn how, since every bullet journal absolutely must have a big Lacey fun tassel, or you can accessorize you lamps, purses, pull chains, cabinet door, basket, flower vase, or rear view mirror. They make fantastic gift embellishments too and I’ll be hanging some from my Christmas trees. Trust me, you NEED this!

Monday will be our last Monday Menace, so if you need Super heroes, or villains, come join us!

So come on out to Merchant Kitty this weekend and learn something new!

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