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Spring Cleaning

New things going on…

You may be noticing a web site update (long overdue)!  It is all very mobile friendly now and easy to navigate.

Kiln me now has moved down the street to 405 Main so we could both spread out.

I moved a wall in the studio so now it is much more open and roomy.  I will easily be able to accommodate a larger group now.

I have opened up a new marketing venue for you called Studio To Go.  It is a walk-in flexible hour way to create and paint.  I have  lots of projects ready for you do do.  All the supplies are here.  The website will show the hours available at the top so you can see at a glance if I am open or when I will be open next and what projects are being offered.  Those will change on a regular basis.  There is lots of fun stuff to do for all ages so come in and check it out!

All this has put me a bit behind on the open party schedule, so I will be working on that and will have that available soon.

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