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ScrHappy Skirt

My youngest boy is about the same size as my girl.  He is growing out of some jeans, but they fit her just fine because she is a string bean.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I’d have a go.

ScrHappy SkirtI didn’t quite get the ratio right on the ruffles, but she still loved it.  It is pretty much a no-brainer.  Cut off the jeans just above the crotch.  Try to make the cut as straight as possible.  Each ruffle should just about double in circumference. I ironed the seam of the jeans up so that it would hang a little straighter and stitched it down.

I am going to try this idea again with a dress I pulled out of her closet that was getting too small for her.  It is pretty great raiding closets and coming out with “brand new” clothes.  I think this scrapping thing might come in pretty handy!

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