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Paint Can Spruce Up

paint cans as cookie tins
paint cans embellished with scrapbook paper and burlap makes a great decorative container or popcorn & cookie tin to give at the holidays


We purchased these paint cans for a ladies retreat in October.  They are super easy to class up with scrapbook paper, or fabric and ribbon.  New cans can be purchased from your local paint dealer.  Ours cost $2 and we decided it would make a great cookie/ treat tin for the holidays.  It takes two papers to cover each can.  You can remove the handles to make it easier to manage.  Punch holes where the handles go with a large hole punch or circle cutter. Paint cans are great because they have straight sides so there is no guess work getting your paper to fit.  You only need to hot glue the edges of the paper.  One thing to note is that the cans are metal which means they cool down your glue very quickly.  It helps to apply the glue to the paper instead of the can, but you still must work quickly before the glue cools. Add a contrasting belly band, a wide ribbon or a strip of burlap.  We added burlap and burlap rosettes.

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