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New Year, New Things to Show you!

New Ways to Keep in Touch

So many exciting things are going on at Merchant Kitty! First of all, we have a new app for Android! The app will allow you to see all the upcoming classes at a glance! It is in early development, so be kind and help us with the feedback. We will slowly get it to be amazing. It’s a bit of a learning curve. The good news is, it will feature a $5 off coupon so all you loyal customers can continue to take advantage of 2017 prices! I know you iphone people are sad.  We will hopefully find a way to get an app made for you too, but we have equipment issues (if you know someone who is selling a mac real cheap…) Until then, I will also give the $5 discount to those who subscribe to text alerts!  (Text CREATE to 56654 to get started)

New Friends

Another big change is I am getting a roomate! Just Kiln Me Now will be moving into the front of the studio and will have pottery to paint! She will also have a kiln to service you and an embroidery machine, so that will be a fantastic addition to our creative area!

New Ways to Get Creative

This year you will also see lots of new crafts in addition to weekly paint nights. You will definitely want to keep and eye on the schedule so you don’t miss something! So here is a quick video to show you what is coming up in the next few weeks. And you can also check out the schedule (don’t forget to download the app too) at

As always, if you would like to RSVP to any of the classes or get more information, you can call or text me at 575.366.3950

If you missed out on any classes, remember, you can always host a private party with your friends in your home or at my studio!

Looking forward to creating something new with you in 2018!

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