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New painting choices

New Painting Choices

Had a lot of special painting events getting crammed in before I drop this baby boy and be out of commission for a month.  So I have several new painting choices to add to the mix! I’ve had this Elsa painting pinned since last December waiting for a party!  So she finally got done!


And Big Hero is a very easy fun one for kids to do as well.


I have also been looking for something fun to add to the New Mexico themed painting choices which I can drag out for open parties around Cinco de Mayo.  I love this one!  I think I’m going to do some matching pillows.


I will be out for the month of October after my c section, but will be at it again in November with some festive stuff.  The open parties are still available!  Check out the open events for September:

September 18th

September 25th

September 26th

To reserve your spot, you can visit the  facebook event pages above and join, or you can call or text me at 405.464.1677, or you can send me a private message either on my Merchant Kitty Guided Art Facebook Page, or on my personal profile

I have also updated my web page to reflect all the new choices I have added recently!  You can view the choices at

or you can find out more about private parties here!


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