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I am testing my website!

Getting ready to change my posting habits so that my customers can get information more easily!  This is a test to make sure that my site is publishing to Facebook correctly!  If all goes well, I will be holding a giveaway for subscribers.  As many of you know, I also do some web design, and it is important to us business owners that the message of what we do gets out there.  Since moving to Clovis, NM in March of 2014, I have been relying on Facebook for all my advertising with success.  But changes in 2015 have deeply reduced my reach, and only a very very small percent of my followers were getting updates of painting classes.

Furthermore, I am torturing the poor Facebook people with multiple posts having to become members of several groups with duplicate posts trying to get the word out and sending invites to anyone and everyone who is my local friend (sorry guys).  Hopefully over time I can reduce some of that with a dependable email subscription

Email subscription would ensure that people who are interested in class schedules or new painting selections would not miss out.  It would make sure that loyal followers get in on special events or giveaways.

So I am looking forward to building an email list to replace the traffic that Facebook was promising in 2014.

In case you are wondering why Facebook has made changes, much is due to increased volumes of posts.  (They can only feed you so much, so they reduce the volume)  Facebook, although they don’t like to come clean about it, also is pushing for paid advertising.  They would like businesses to “boost” their posts for a fee, promising you more reach.  However, the possibility of false “likes” by bogus profiles created by what is called “like farms” means that not all your followers are actual humans in your customer base.  Fake profiles would dilute your organic reach to less than when you started, meaning your reach would in reality suffer for the boost rather than expand.  If a person could ensure real reach, it might be worth it to pay for reach.

All that is just FYI for all you small business owners out there!  So wish me luck!  If all goes well, you will be seeing some free painting party giveaways very shortly!!

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