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How to make your own packaging

How do “they” do it?  How do they seal up products in neat little plastic bags just the right size?  I used to have a little hand sealer that looked like a stapler.  I used it one year to package all my gingerbread cookies to hang on the tree.  I can’t bear the thought of cookies collecting dust hanging on the tree.  Yuck!  But I love the idea of cookies decorating the tree.  Since I had the handy little sealer I sealed them right up!  Problem solved.  I don’t know where it came from or where to get another or whatever happened to it.

So I’m walking all over Hobby Lobby looking for a “plastic sealer thingy”.  I am sure it’s there somewhere, but I never found it and don’t know what it’s called.  Fortunately Google knows what I mean when I say “plastic sealer thingy”.  Good ol’ Google.  I never found the stapler version that I once had, but I did find this big sealer that looks like a paper cutter.  $30 on Amazon.  But I want it NOW!  Not in 10 to 14 days.  And I really don’t want to pay $30.

Behold!  Someone posted a hack.  They said you can press the plastic between the pages and run a cigarette lighter across it and it will seal it.  So the first thing I did was run home and try it.  It did exactly what you thought it would do.  Sure it sealed, but it looked like you melted it with a cigarette lighter.  It was lumpy and shriveled.  Fail.  Why do people post stuff they know doesn’t work!

So I got to thinking.  It is just a heated edge right?  Why can’t you run a soldering iron across it?  So I got mine out and gave it a try!  What do you know!  It works.  So I worked out a few bugs and here you go!  If you happen to have a soldering iron laying around (They are pretty cheap – only a few bucks at a cheap tool store) it’s sure to get you by until you go pro.

So here ya go:

You need:

a soldering gun
plastic (baggie or cellophane)
A ruler with a metal edge
a heat proof surface (I used a cookie sheet)

package sealer

Here I used a baggie because that is what I had on hand. I used the corners that were already done.

20131117_142215Lay the ruler with the metal edge where you want the seal to be

20131117_142248You can draw the soldering iron across the pan, but you need the two pieces of plastic to be pressed against each other so I used the metal edge of my ruler instead by wrapping the plastic over the ruler like this

20131117_142304And then running my iron along the metal edge

20131117_142342Make sure your plastics are pressed tightly against each other so you get a good seal

I had a few that were actually air tight.  That’s good since I want to package some cookies for Christmas!  (rub hands together like evil villain)


20131117_142649professional packaging.  Because Americans will pay more if there is some plastic they can pollute the land with!  😉



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