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Fabric Transfer with Citrasolve

After several hours of experiments and trips to several stores, and about 20 transfers to 5 types of materials, several washes and a bleaching session, I am ready to start working on a class for fabric transferring with Citrasolve.  Let me tell you, this is one craft that definitely deserves a class.  It ended up being very easy, but there are a few tricks that make it so. I did try acetone without success. It simply dries too fast. I was never able to find the elusive concentrated Citrasolve, but the regular strength seemed to work just fine.  Plus it comes in a spray bottle which is helpful.

I found that I could only get a good transfer when I let the solvent soak in for a few minutes, and kept it constantly wet until it showed signs of setting. You have to press firmly and should expect almost all the ink to transfer to the fabric leaving the paper blank.

Some fabrics are easier than others.  The thicker the fabric the harder you must press and the more solvent you must supply.  Sheer scarf material is the easiest.  Canvas turned out surprisingly nice too.

20130506_164437 20130506_203558

Heat setting is necessary. I did a wash test and the heat set transfer held up better.  Bleach did not affect the transfer. The iron should not be dragged across the image and you must use the dryer to heat set fabric that melts with an iron! See aren’t you happy I experimented for you!

I am very happy with the results.  This will definitely be a fun class! I see napkins and aprons and tea towels! I may make my self some french script sheers.

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