To reserve a class please call 405.464.1677
Payment is required for reservation. Should you need to cancel you may reschedule up to 24 hours before class.


Merchant Kitty offers crafting classes for all ages.  The classes are designed to help people get hands on learning and practice for common techniques like stamping, embossing, painting, decoupage and many other arts. Yes, you can go to You Tube and Pinterest and see all these ideas for yourself.  But sometimes it is nice to be able to ask a real live person, “Am I doing this right?” or my favorite, “oops, how do I fix this?”  Why should everybody have to experiment and make the same mistakes over and over?  Besides, everything is more fun with a group of like minded people!

Not only do you learn fun techniques that you can use over and over again, you get to take home a work of art that you made yourself.  Get together for a girls night out, or get a little motivation going to complete that gift by it’s deadline.

We try to keep our pricing comparable to what you would expect to pay for your art should you purchase it already made, so why not learn something new at that same time!  All art supplies will be supplied with your class fee.  You only need to bring yourself.  We also offer discounts if you bring your friends, so come as a group and save. Click here to view our calendar

Then the next time you go to the craft store you wont have to spend 30 minutes reading the back of the bottle trying to figure out what this stuff is supposed to do!