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Category: Sewing

sewing projects

I got this canvas material on sale.  I think that it resembles burlap.  It is almost a cross between the burlap look and the muslin look.  So I made some large script stamps to stamp it with!  I cut it into strips with rotary cutters and frayed the edges.  After I stamped using a fabric stamp pad, I spritzed it with glimmer spray.  Hello $22 a roll ribbon for under a dollar!home made ribbon home made ribbon

I finally got to try this textile media which is supposed to turn your acrylic craft paint into fabric paint.  Hallelujah!  Fabric paint is REdiculous.  And zero color selection!  This stuff works like a charm.  You mix one part media with two parts paint.  It is very runny and thins down your paint a lot.  This is exactly what I wanted because I am making fabric paint stamp pads.

just three quarter sized dabs made enough for a stamp pad.  I just put a square of felt into an old lid and squished some of the mixture into the felt.  It’s awesome!  The perfect consistency for stamping IN ANY COLOR.  The medium is 5.99 at Hobby Lobby.  Don’t bother asking them where it is, they have never heard of it.  Just look for an aisle with lots of bottles!  But they DO have it.  Well worth the price since fabric paint runs around $6-$7 and a little goes a long way.  This is just a quick test, but stay tuned for lots of fun fabric printing projects!

diy fabric paint Stamped Banner

Here is another great use for scraps.  A draw string back pack requires very little fabric and is quick and easy to make.  Two rectangles, Two “belt loop” pieces, and some para cord is all you need.  There are two separate pieces of para cord.  Each side loops around the top.  It is rather hard to describe without pictures which I didn’t get, but my 14 year old made this himself and has never before touched a sewing machine, so I am sure you will do fine!  My boys just love these silly things.  They fight over them and insist it’s the only way to carry things.  I am glad to find a craft that they can use, now where is the boy friendly fabric?  Who has camo fabric laying around, right?  Does that mean I’m a redneck?