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Food that is worth learning to make because it is easy, beautiful, elegant or fun, but preferably all of the above!

Bread Bowls

For some reason I simply cannot break bread.  There are just too many variables and it takes too long and by the time the bread is ready for the next phase I have long lost interest and moved on.  I … Continue reading

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I have to admit, they are a little weird if you are not familiar with meringues.  They are made only with egg.  Not even the yolk, just the whites.  How good could it be right?  We were looking for some … Continue reading

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Covered Pretzels

Almond bark and sprinkles!  This is a favorite at our house.  I am wondering why we would ever bake anything without stopping to immortalize it in pictures.  All that hard work down the gullet and no one ever knows how … Continue reading

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Recipe / Menu Display

I have a bistro-themed kitchen, and I am always looking for thematic ideas to make it feel more “restauranty” I found these cute scrapbook display racks at Michael’s. So now I am making every one of my favorite recipes so … Continue reading

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