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anything that is not wall art. Vases , boxes, bookends, containers, centerpieces, other decorative items

After the altered journals I wanted to try some other things.  This was an old slide projector carousel box that I bought to display my business cards and tags.  The box was too sturdy to throw away, so…

20131122_220948Everything is made from scraps.  The roses are rolled up scrap fabric.  The butterfly is a piece of broken jewelry, the ribbon is the string from fringing the edges.  Even the feathers are honest to God road kill.  (Don’t worry, they have been bleached) I have had that lace for. . .let’s see now…over 20 years.  I seriously need to know when to let go!  But see there!  You never know when some ol’ thing might come in handy!

Ok, these are as fun to make as they look.  Aside from covering the edges which in my opinion is a pain, decorating them is very fun.  This one

Altered Journal teal and purpleis covered with paper which has been stamped, and embossed.  Then I added tiles, ribbon, lace and a stamped silk flower.  I added some gold leaf to the edges of the pages so they look gilded and brushed a bit of gold to accent the petals and paper.  I tucked  a ribbon into the spine with a bit of hot glue for a book mark.  Here is the edge


This next one I covered with material.  I only had to cover the edges with paper as they would show.

Altered Journal VintageYou get the idea.  Here are a few more…

Altered Journal Bird's Nest Altered Journal muslinSooo much fun!  Too bad I’m out of journals!


One thing I don’t really like about the burlap wreaths that are so popular right now is their messiness.    I don’t like how they look wadded up.  So I thought I would try a ruffled look which I liked much better.  It probably takes longer, but I think it was worth it.

Burlap Wreath how-toBurlap WreathOk, I officially love burlap now!  Not as much as muslin, but it’s pretty fun.