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2×4 Fall Art

Reversible Thanksgiving / Christmas Blocks with 2×4’s

We made these reversible thanksgiving/ Christmas blocks from 2 x 4’s for the craft show.  Of course they are super easy (after the nasty cutting and sanding stage).  We color washed them and decoupaged scrapbook paper to the front and back.  This first set is free handed letters.

2x4 holiday blocks

give thanks and Christ is born reversible holiday blocks from 2×4 scraps


We also made some with letters cut with the Silhouette.

2×4 pumpkin blocks

But what I really fell in love with was the 2×4 block pumpkins.  I decoupaged all four sides and added a stem and burlap leaves.  The stem is a paper funnel wrapped with yarn or jute.  I painted my burlap with decoupage (actually I ran out of Modge Podge about half way through, so you will be happy to know I substituted elmer’s glue straight from the bottle with no noticeable difference).  The “decoupage” made the burlap stiff so I could cut out leaf shapes.  I wrapped a bit of craft wire with brown floral tape and hot glued the burlap leaves to it after wrapping it around the stem.  They were a little more work with the stem and flowers, but oh, so worth it!

2x4 pumpkin blocks

2×4’s decorated with scrapbook paper and stems are fun and festive

2×4 pumpkin

Here is a taller large pumpkin in a 2×4 grouping.  I used the freezer paper transfer method to apply lettering and flourishes to the pumpkins and hot glued them together.  They don’t like to be dropped on concrete though.  I think I have dropped them about 3 times now and had to glue them back together.

2x4 pumpkin art

pumpkin fashioned from three 2×4’s

4×4 pumpkins

These pumpkins are made from fence post.  I just used some scraps for the stems.

pumpkin blocks from 4x4 fence post scraps

pumpkin blocks from 4×4 fence post scraps

Have you used salvage wood for your fall decorations?  We would like to hear about it in the comments!

Paint Can Spruce Up

paint cans as cookie tins

paint cans embellished with scrapbook paper and burlap makes a great decorative container or popcorn & cookie tin to give at the holidays


We purchased these paint cans for a ladies retreat in October.  They are super easy to class up with scrapbook paper, or fabric and ribbon.  New cans can be purchased from your local paint dealer.  Ours cost $2 and we decided it would make a great cookie/ treat tin for the holidays.  It takes two papers to cover each can.  You can remove the handles to make it easier to manage.  Punch holes where the handles go with a large hole punch or circle cutter. Paint cans are great because they have straight sides so there is no guess work getting your paper to fit.  You only need to hot glue the edges of the paper.  One thing to note is that the cans are metal which means they cool down your glue very quickly.  It helps to apply the glue to the paper instead of the can, but you still must work quickly before the glue cools. Add a contrasting belly band, a wide ribbon or a strip of burlap.  We added burlap and burlap rosettes.

Experience Painting Classes with MK

I just wanted to show off the awesome work by the ladies in the painting class Wednesday morning at Java Loft!  This is a three part project featuring different coffee drinks and then hung together with a ribbon.

Painting Class

Showing off our art!

Painting Class

Showing off our art!

Merchant Kitty Painting Class

The Java Loft provided a beautiful and appropriate atmosphere for our coffee painting!

Painting Class

Skills improving with the 3rd and final canvas

Painting Class

Working hard on a three piece coffee painting.

Art Class

Painting means every piece is unique! A quick look over the shoulder!

Painting Class

Working on the backgrounds for our first canvass.

Painting Class

Painting and friends! A perfect way to begin the day!

Painting Class

Ladies enjoying friends and art at the Java Loft

This particular class was a morning class which we got to enjoy with our coffee!  Friends, art, and coffee.  Now that is what I call therapy!

Merchant Kitty offers all kinds of classes from painting, to signs, and paper crafts to sewing.  If you have a group or event I can adapt for your group.  I will be in the Clovis, NM area throughout the summer.  See more on the Merchant Kitty website.

I just want to say thank you to Java Loft in Clovis, NM for a lovely time.  They have great coffee, a beautiful facility, and wonderful service!

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