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This week’s open painting parties

Friday night we’ll be kicking off the holidays with “All is Calm, All is Bright”.  Of course you can make it say whatever you want!


Friday, Nov. 20th
6:30 to 8:30 pm
@ Java Loft
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As promised, one last opportunity to paint the white ghost pumpkin before the season’s end.  I’ve had several people ask, so here it is! Perfect to show off to your Thanksgiving guests!


Saturday afternoon, Nov. 21st
1:30 to 3:30 pm
@ Java Loft
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Either event is
$25/person (includes Java Loft beverage)
Reserve your spot by joining the event, private message, or phone or text 405.464.1677


New painting choices

New Painting Choices

Had a lot of special painting events getting crammed in before I drop this baby boy and be out of commission for a month.  So I have several new painting choices to add to the mix! I’ve had this Elsa painting pinned since last December waiting for a party!  So she finally got done!


And Big Hero is a very easy fun one for kids to do as well.


I have also been looking for something fun to add to the New Mexico themed painting choices which I can drag out for open parties around Cinco de Mayo.  I love this one!  I think I’m going to do some matching pillows.


I will be out for the month of October after my c section, but will be at it again in November with some festive stuff.  The open parties are still available!  Check out the open events for September:

September 18th

September 25th

September 26th

To reserve your spot, you can visit the  facebook event pages above and join, or you can call or text me at 405.464.1677, or you can send me a private message either on my Merchant Kitty Guided Art Facebook Page, or on my personal profile

I have also updated my web page to reflect all the new choices I have added recently!  You can view the choices at

or you can find out more about private parties here!



Upcoming Open Painting Parties and News

Three More Open Painting Parties in September

I will be having three more open painting parties this month before I take off  for October to have my 6th child!  Only 34 more days!!!  But before I get to that, let me show you a few of the new paintings I have been working on today!

New Paintings

Now, while I, personally am not a Minecraft fan,  all five of my children are completely brainwashed!  This one I have prepared for a Minecraft birthday party coming up, but I fear we will be painting it at one of my own kids’ parties. I am still doing parties all this month so if you need to get your Creeper painted for Halloween, let me know as I will be out for October!



Since it is September, I am ready for fall and have added this festive painting for one of the classes later this month!  I guess, if I can’t collect leaves in Clovis, I might as well paint them!


One of my subscribers requested a humming bird painting, so this is what I came up with.  It is available for private parties, but I will probably not offer it in an open class until spring! Remember, with most paintings you can adjust your colors and of course you can write your favorite sayings!  That’s the whole point of doing it yourself, right?!


Here is another fall flavored painting we will be doing later this month.




September Open Paint Parties

Friday, September 18th from 6:00 – 8:30 at Java Loft

We will be painting the new Fall Leaves painting.  The cost is $25 and includes a beverage from Java Loft.

Friday, September 25th from 6:00 – 8:30 at Java Loft

We will be painting the new Sunflower painting.  The cost is $25 and includes a beverage from Java Loft

Saturday afternoon, September 26th from 2:00-4:30 at Wildcat Wellness and Nutrition 518 Pile St.

The cost is $25 and will include an Herbalife wellness tea thanks to Marie Shawntae!  We will be painting the Ghost Pumpkin (the white pumpkin)

To reserve your spot for any of these parties, you can message me either on my Facebook page: Merchant Kitty Guided Art, or on my personal profile page:  Charlotte Crowder.  You can also send me an email, or call or text me at 405.464.1677!

If you are getting this post in an email, it means you have subscribed to my blog and are entered in any email giveaways that I am hosting.  I have chosen one already and will announce the winner as soon as I connect with the winner.  I will have one more drawing before the end of the month.  If you did not receive this post in your inbox, you either need to activate your subscription by clicking on the link in your welcome email, or you can subscribe here.

More information about painting parties

Painting party choices

For more choices see my Facebook Page

Open Paint Party and news

Open Paint Party


Saturday, Aug. 22nd at
Java Loft 810 E. 21st
$25/person includes beverage
6:00 – 9:00 pm
Reserve by facebook pm
Or by joining the event
Or by calling or texting

Enter to Win – Email Subscription Drawing

I still have a party attendance to give away since we cancelled last week. So keep the email subscriptions coming!   I will be drawing from the emails that have been activated.  If you are reading this on facebook, but you did not receive it in your email box, you may have forgotten to click the link to activate! Subscribing by email will ensure you don’t miss out on announcements,  special offers, giveaways new paintings, events and more! Subscribe here!

New Paintings to Choose From

I prepared some new paintings for upcoming private parties that I will be able to add to the painting options for future events!

Dragon of the storm is for the spouses of the 3rd SOS squadron spouses.  Their logo is a dragon in the shape of a three, in case you are wondering!


The second is Rainbow Fish
Which can be done as a single painting or separately on two canvas as a couples painting.


I am excited to get new ideas and would love to hear from you.  Follow me on my Pinterest board where I post Things to Paint and send me suggestions!

Painting Party Plans for October/ November

One last item of news, many of you know I am pregnant with our 6th child (our 5th boy ).  I will probably give birth by cesarean on Oct. 5th, which will put me out of commission for all of October and maybe a bit of November.  So if you have been wanting to place orders or schedule an event, keep this in mind. I will try to get back in the saddle as quick as the little bundle permits!

Hope to see you at my next event!


Saturday Open Painting Party and Giveaway

Lamp post painting

Lamp Post painting, Evening Walk in the Spring


This Saturday (Aug. 15th)I will be hosting another open paint party at Java Loft!

Java Loft

810 E. 21st Street

Clovis, NM 88101
Saturday, August, 15th 6:00 – 9:00 pm
$25/person  (Includes beverage)
All materials provided
For reservations call or text 405.464.1677
Or pm me on Facebook
Or join the event
I will contact you on Saturday to confirm your attendance and the number in your party.

In addition I am sponsoring a free giveaway to help build my subscribers.  To enter, subscribe to my email and you will be entered to win free admission to this event. I will be holding future drawings and previous subscribers will be automatically entered unless otherwise noted.

Subscribers will get notifications of open MK events and announcements , new paintings available, and craft tutorials.

Merchant Kitty also does private parties.

For more information about private parties click here

Painting parties are $20/ person with a minimum of 3 people.  The host/hostess is free for groups that have 6 or more.

Click here to see painting choices

Gentiva Hospice

Gentiva Hospice Valentine Craft Day

Gentiva Hospice Volunteers

All the card making projects were ready to go when we arrived Thanks to Sharon

I recently attended an activity with the Gentiva Hospice volunteers.  These volunteers minister to Hospice patients in the Clovis area.  They get together about 4 times a year for team building and do something special for their patients.

Gentiva Hospice making Valentines

They gathered at Unique Creations, a local crafting mall and studio, to make valentine cards.  In a few hours, 15 guys and gals were able to crank out almost 100 cards. Their leader, Sharon Null had everything ready to go ahead of time.


Gentiva Hospice Volunteer Group

Volunteers busy creating valentines

Gentiva Hospice Volunteer Group


Volunteering with Gentiva Hospice benefits both giver and recipient.

Card making and any craft is a great tool for bonding and team building. There is the added benefit of having something to show for your team work!  People may not realize it, but art actually releases endorphins which not only feel good, but are good for your immune system!  Bonus!

Gentiva Hospice is a great way to serve the community. You can help people and make lasting friendships.  If you would like to become a volunteer or just get together with the group for their next project to help out, contact Sharon Null at 575-749-2086 or send her an email.

Gentiva Hospice Volunteer Group

Gentiva Hospice Volunteer Group gathered to make valentines for the Hospice Patients

Experience Painting Classes with MK

I just wanted to show off the awesome work by the ladies in the painting class Wednesday morning at Java Loft!  This is a three part project featuring different coffee drinks and then hung together with a ribbon.

Painting Class

Showing off our art!

Painting Class

Showing off our art!

Merchant Kitty Painting Class

The Java Loft provided a beautiful and appropriate atmosphere for our coffee painting!

Painting Class

Skills improving with the 3rd and final canvas

Painting Class

Working hard on a three piece coffee painting.

Art Class

Painting means every piece is unique! A quick look over the shoulder!

Painting Class

Working on the backgrounds for our first canvass.

Painting Class

Painting and friends! A perfect way to begin the day!

Painting Class

Ladies enjoying friends and art at the Java Loft

This particular class was a morning class which we got to enjoy with our coffee!  Friends, art, and coffee.  Now that is what I call therapy!

Merchant Kitty offers all kinds of classes from painting, to signs, and paper crafts to sewing.  If you have a group or event I can adapt for your group.  I will be in the Clovis, NM area throughout the summer.  See more on the Merchant Kitty website.

I just want to say thank you to Java Loft in Clovis, NM for a lovely time.  They have great coffee, a beautiful facility, and wonderful service!

Art Journal Class

In this class, we learned how to sew together an art journal and also began a few pages. Here are some of our examples!

Art journals are great ways of practicing your art with out the stress of messing it up. You don’t have to be pleased with the results, and nobody ever has to see. Like a regular journal, it can be kept private and be just a place to express your creativity or your heart. I like to use mine to practice new techniques or experiment with new products. And sometimes you come up with something amazing that you just have to share!

We learned to how to make an art journal and did a few pages

We learned to how to make an art journal and did a few pages

Class Show Off

Class Show Off

Class Show Off

Class Show Off

Freehand flower

Freehand flower




May and June Class Calendar is ready!

Check out the up coming classes on the calendar for May and June! I am very excited about our upcoming crafts! With Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day coming up, there is lots to do! Check back often as I will begin posting pictures! Or just subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Our next class is this Thursday at the Clovis Hobby Lobby, and we will be making personalized signs. So don’t miss out. These are one of the favorites!

Watch for Groupon Deals at MK on craft and art classes

Merchant Kitty is coming to Groupon, Clovis! Get great deals on craft and art classes of your choice and treat a friend. Classes will be held twice a week at Hobby Lobby in Clovis, NM. If you are not familiar with Groupon, check it out! It is easy and it will save you a bundle. Also remember, even without Groupon, you can get great discounts by inviting a friend, and how much more fun is art when it is time spent with friends! Art classes will help you become more familiar with techniques, give you great ideas, and develop your own style.

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