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Christmas Baskets

I love making personalized baskets. They present so nicely, especially when they are wrapped in shrink wrap cellophane. It is a little bit of a hassle to get everything balanced while you position the wrap, but once it is secured … Continue reading

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Christmas Wrapping

I love wrapping presents.  I love color coordinating with my tree, finding fancy ways to wrap but especially cute little embellishments to make them extra special. In the past I have looked high and low for color coordinating wrap.  Then … Continue reading

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Covered Pretzels

Almond bark and sprinkles!  This is a favorite at our house.  I am wondering why we would ever bake anything without stopping to immortalize it in pictures.  All that hard work down the gullet and no one ever knows how … Continue reading

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Tree Branch Ornaments

I first of all have to brag that we did not buy our branch slices from a craft store (you can tell) and that we actually went out and hunted down branches and cut them ourselves over Thanksgiving, so take … Continue reading

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Home Made Stamped Ribbon

I got this canvas material on sale.  I think that it resembles burlap.  It is almost a cross between the burlap look and the muslin look.  So I made some large script stamps to stamp it with!  I cut it … Continue reading

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Lifesaver Men Ornaments

When I was little, a friend of the family made me a Lifesaver man.  I never got to eat it.  My mother saved it and year after year we put him up on the tree.  I had that Lifesaver man … Continue reading

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Tinted Pinecones

I wanted my pinecones white, but painting them was tedious.  I finally thinned my paint down and dipped them.  They were all open.  I am a little disappointed because when I put them in the oven to dry they all … Continue reading

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Burlap Wreath

One thing I don’t really like about the burlap wreaths that are so popular right now is their messiness.    I don’t like how they look wadded up.  So I thought I would try a ruffled look which I liked much … Continue reading

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