My name is Charlotte Crowder. I have been a Christian almost all my life.  I was saved when I was 5.  I attended Baptist Bible College where I met my husband of 17 years. I am a home school mom of five ages 7 to 15.  I have attended Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City for nearly 20 years now. I dabble in music, computer, crafts, art, cooking and sewing.  Mostly I am just passionate…About whatever it is that I am doing.  I love love love it.  My mom thinks I am Obsessive Compulsive! Which brings me to “Merchant Kitty”.

It is time that I put all this “compulsion” to some good use.  Merchant Kitty ties up all the things that I enjoy into something that is going to be useful to myself and to others.  I love to learn and try new things and I just have to share.  I love useful tools and new ideas – and old ones I didn’t know about!  Life is pretty exciting and I am pretty excited to be living it, and I am not just saying that because I am a cancer survivor.  Which brings me to my greatest passion…

Life!  As I said before, I am a Christian, and I believe that we can have eternal life because of Jesus Christ’s precious sacrifice on the cross which atones for our sins.  Beyond that, I also believe that this life we have now is just as amazing.  Life, this temporary one we live here on Earth is a glorious gift.  It is to be treasured, celebrated, protected, and made to be used in a way that we will get the most out of it!  And not just our healthy prosperous lives, but our pain stricken, laborious, and sorrowful lives.  Just as you can pull something out of the garbage and turn it into beautiful art, a life of misery can be turned into beauty that reaches into people and touches their soul, because God is an artist.  He loves to craft.  He loves to take things that others throw away and make them pictures of mercy and love.

I struggle every day to find that abundant life intended for me.  But I learn new “techniques” and old ones I forgot about that can be used to beautify, clean up and enhance what parts of me I dig out of the garbage. And so I have a blog for that, so I can share those tools with others so they can fight for not just life, but abundant life.

Now I can’t really control the order in which life hands me this stuff.  It’s like that movie “Cast Away”: you never know what the tide will bring in.  (Hey that would be an awesome sign)  And therefore, you get it the way the Lord brings it to me, so ideas around here may not seem very orderly, but I will sort it out later!  I hope my debris is able to offer you help and hope both in your pursuit of art and your pursuit of life!

You can find all the crafty artsy finds here at

Life specific issues I am trying to organize at

and miscellaneous tools the Lord give me to deal with the drama of living is at

I also want to share my testimony of my journey with cancer.  That is a project in it’s own right.  Hopefully soon I will also post that.