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Final Monday Menaces Party

We had a grand finish to the Monday Menaces Painting Parties with lots of first time folks getting a start on their super hero collection. I will be offering periodic parties for this series in the future!

A special thanks for Chaplain Guillory for inviting his coworkers!

Here is the link to the Google photos album to make sharing easier

Paint night #mondaymenaces

Painting parties all ages#Paintnight #superheroes #merchantkittyguidedart

This week Sept 11-18

Friday night we are painting chalk board inspired warm beverages. Sound vague, well that’s because you can choose your favorite warm beverage. There are 3 styles to choose from: coffee, tea, or cider, or you can just go rogue and paint hot white mocha raspberry cocoa!

Then Saturday night we will be getting our boho on again and making these fun tassels. What in the world do you need these for? Well, you can hook them on your bullet journal which is what drove me to learn how, since every bullet journal absolutely must have a big Lacey fun tassel, or you can accessorize you lamps, purses, pull chains, cabinet door, basket, flower vase, or rear view mirror. They make fantastic gift embellishments too and I’ll be hanging some from my Christmas trees. Trust me, you NEED this!

Monday will be our last Monday Menace, so if you need Super heroes, or villains, come join us!

So come on out to Merchant Kitty this weekend and learn something new!


September! Celebrating Boho Chic and the Beauty of Food!

Even if you have never heard the phrase Boho Chic, you have seen it around. It has been trending since the 90’s and is here to stay. It marries the earthy-ness of the hippie style with the French style of over embellishment. Lots of plain down home concepts loaded with flowing layers, lace and flowers.

Fall will be here very soon, and while it’s not quite time to bring out the pumpkins, it is time to begin to dream about the rainy days baking yummy breads and cookies and sipping hot drinks. So I have lots of food inspired art projects for you kitchens and mantles

The new schedule is up on the website and on my Facebook page!

August in Brief (you don’t know it, but you’re thankful for the brevity!

So Much going on, so I will try to be brief!

I have updated my schedule on my website, so you can view all Merchant Kitty Events there!

Of notable mention is the mixed media work shop this coming Friday which is an amazing opportunity for just $5.The Clovis Chamber of Commerce is providing canvases and there will be a workshop to help you get your Clovis Rocks ideas in art form! There will be a contest held at the Women’s Expo at the Civic Center August 5th with cash prizes, so it is a no brainer!

August is Beach month at Merchant Kitty, so if you have a beach themed room or have always wanted one, this is your month! Remember Christmas is around the corner, so you might keep in mind your beachy friends!

Here is a short list

Only 5 classes left in the summer art kids program (including R2D2)
Fri, Jul 28 Women’s Expo Mixed Media Workshop
Sat, Jul 29 POW! BAM! WHAM! super hero signs (not yet on events or calendar)
Fri, Aug 4 Fleur de Lis Open Paint
Sat, Aug 5 Women’s Expo Demonstrations (sea glass window and chicken wire focal art)
Sat, Aug 5 Under the Sea Paint on the Patio
Sat, Aug 5 Land of Enchantment Paint on the Patio
Sat, Aug 12 Barn wood Welcome sign (full) overflow moved to the 15th
Sat, Aug 12 Beach with Lighthouse Open Paint
Tue, Aug 15 Barn wood Welcome sign
Fri, Aug 18 Tropical Fish Open Paint
Sat, Aug 19 Sea Glass Window Art
Sat, Aug 19 Bloom where you’re planted Open Paint
Mon, Aug 21 Monday Menaces (**choose the new villian or paint any of the vintage super heros)
Fri, Aug 25 Palm Beach Open Paint
Sat, Aug 26 Beach mixed media open class
Sat, Aug 26 Wagon Wheel with Bluebells Open Paint
Sat, Aug 28 Monday Menaces **
Mon, Sep 4 Monday Menaces **
Mon, Sep 11 Monday Menaces **

whew! that was more work than you know! Ill get those superhero things out there soon (as soon as I get them all painted!)

Creative opportunities this week! 

Friday night is Northern Reflections

Saturday afternoon is reversible picture/card display signs

And Saturday night is Batman! 


Getting Ready to ‘Merica! 

Kid classes,  Patriotic painting party,  free craft class,  a baseball craft and Saturday Supers! It’s a busy week! 

There is something you can create every day this week at Merchant Kitty

Kid Classes continue with a Captain America shield and a tribal feather on Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm! These classes are $15 and include pizza. 

Wednesday from 11 to 2pm is a crEATe!

Bring your lunch and make some festive primitive Americana style flag picks.  It’s a free event.  You only need to bring skewer sticks and mini glue sticks. 

Friday night at 6pm is an Old Glory paint party. The cost is $25/person. All supplies and refreshments are included. 

Saturday at 1:30 I will show you how to turn old baseballs (or softballs)  into vintage Americana art! It is $10/person, bring your own baseballs.  All other supplies and instruction is included.  Make as many as you want. 

Saturday night at 6:30 is a Superman painting. $25/person (includes all supplies and refreshments). 

I offer private parties as well.  You can see all the painting choices on my Board on Pinterest..

Adult Painting choices

Children’s painting choices

You can RSVP by text or phone


The schedule is posted on my website

Text alerts are also available by texting CREATE to 56654


This Weeks Creative Opportunities 

Kids summer painting continues.   Thursday,  June 1, 1pm we are painting this goldfish. 

This is a great way to keep the kids doing constructive activities and a great value–lunch and painting for $15.
You can see the whole schedule here:
Friday,  June 2, at 6pm we are painting this dragonfly. 

Saturday afternoon I am hosting another screen painting.

Painting on screens creates a unique semi transparent effect! You may paint whatever you wish. You should have your design picked out before you come. Try Pinteresting screen paintings for ideas. All pictures and elements should be large and have limited detail. Message me if you need some ideas!

$20 / screen

Please RSVP so I can have enough supplies

RSVP by message or phone or text at


Saturday night, June 3rd 6:30 pm, as we bring Pioneer days to an end,  we will paint this windmill scene

RSVP for any event by pm or call or text


Big Things This Weekend

This Saturday is our Main Street Market! We have many more vendors and some special features you won’t want to miss!

This weekend is also Mother’s Day, and Main Street Market will be a perfect place to shop for mom!  Get hand made gifts and fabulous ideas all in one place.  Then afterwards, you can join our Mother’s Day Makeoff to make something of your own for mom!  There will be several crafts to choose from!  We will also have a basket workshop to help you combine and wrap your gifts so they present beautifully for Mom! In addition, if you choose more than one item to make, you will get $5 off each additional item.  There will be snacks and refreshments provided, and you could bring mom with you and enjoy an afternoon together if you wanted.

Here is a sneak peak at the makeoff projects!

If you are looking for a grown up painting party to take Mom to, Friday night is your night! We are painting “life is What you Bake it!”


And Finally, on Sunday, Mother’s Day, You can paint with the little ones. We will be painting this beach scene. You can write a message in the sand, or put your little one’s feet prints! Come feel the paint between your toes!

Can be painted on two canvases as shown or you can paint together on one!

RSVP to Charlotte at 575.366.3950 by phone or text!

I am looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with you!


Easter, Mother’s Day, and Summer Break

So many great things coming up, it is hard to focus on the every day stuff!  So I’ll get right to it.

This weekend there are 3 Easter projects to take advantage of! The first is Friday night.  Bargain priced at $15! You can paint your wood any color with several styles to choose from.

Fabric Cross Facebook Event

Saturday night, May 15th at 6:30pm, we are painting this sunset cross silhouette.  You can personalize it with your favorite verse or your family name or any phrase you want. it is $25/person and includes refreshments.

Sunset Cross Facebook Event

Then Sunday after noon at 1:30 we have a Mommy & Me (or Daddy) painting party.  This is specially designed for little ones to paint with a parent.  The Bunny can be used with chalk so you can write your seasonal message on it! Older kids will enjoy it to and can paint alone if they don’t want to partner.

Facebook Event

The new schedule will be coming out soon, but We do have Mother’s Day nailed down.

Friday night is your chance to attend a paint party with Mom, or to paint her a special work of art made by you!  It is $25 / person and is perfect for any kitchen and lots of fun!


Life is What You Bake it Facebook Event

There will be a Mother’s Day Make Off Saturday, May 13th so you can spend some time with Mom or just come so you can make something to surprise her.  There will be several choices including a personalized garden book, garden markers, a personalized locket, or a plant project.  You will be able to pick and choose your project.  We are still in the process of setting up the crafts, so stay tuned for more information!

The Mother’s Day Make Off will come on the heels of the Second Saturday Main Street Market, which is sure to be a great event!  Do a little shopping for mom before the Make Off!  The market will go from 9am to 3pm!

Sunday, Mother’s Day, there is a Mother’s Day paint party for the little ones.  You can also choose to put feet print in this one! The price is $25/canvas.  Work together, or create complimentary paintings.

 Beach Facebook Event

Finally, the summer schedule for the kids painting party is up and ready to go!  You can see the entire schedule and details on the Summer Art Camp web page.


I am looking forward to sharing many exciting things with you!






Upcoming Events

I have some new exciting things coming this month.  We are going to happen this month.  We are going to have a screen painting class! You can bring an old screen or paint one provided. 

I am also hosting a mid month open party birthday bash to celebrate those March birthdays without all that hastle for mom! Even if it’s not your birthday it’s a great opportunity to paint!

This month’s birthday theme is Under the Sea!

Finally there is all new spring picture for the upcoming painting parties.

Open Paint Party coffee

Friday,  March 3, 7pm

1614 1/2 main st Clovis 

$25/person  (includes refreshments )

Open Paint Party Bloom where you’re planted

Thursday,  March 2, 6pm

@ The Hydration Station in Portales 

$25/person (includes beverage )

RSVP by pm or call or text 


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