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Merchant Kitty

Come join me at my weekly paper workshop Every Tuesday between 9am and 3pm. Bring whatever your working on, whether its scrapbooking, card making, bullet journaling, art journaling, or paper crafts. You can come for free, or pay an equipment fee and use my stamps, and tools. I will also have kits that you can purchase. I have been doing some research and development. Here’s what I’ve been working on…

I am developing some kits. The first ones I have available are these squashbooks.

You can purchase kits to build during the workshop or take them home. Now its time to work on a new video tutorial to go with them!

January is the month

to get organized and start off right!  And we have the perfect way to get you started!

Bullet Journal Workshop

We are starting off 2019 with a bullet journal workshop.  This is a free workshop.  You can attend in person and take advantage of stencils, washi tape, stickers, stamps and post its, or you can watch live or stream later.  I will go over bullet journal basics and we will just sit and work on some spreads together.  If you are new to bullet journaling, or “bujo” for short, basically imagine a planner, journal, to do lists, grocery lists, all encompassing put-your-whole-brain on paper.  And because you design it, there really is no way it cannot be everything you’ve ever needed!  If you would like to join us in person, it will be this Thursday, Jan. 3rd from 6pm to 9pm (it’s ok to come late or leave early).  Please let me know if you are attending, so I can have plenty of coffee and cookies.  If you want to join us  for the live video you can click here and if you choose the set reminder, it will let you know we are starting!

There are plenty of painting parties to choose from this month as well. You can view them here and also see a list of dates below.   Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, there will be plenty of paintings designed for couples, but of course you can paint any painting as a single painter too!  Remember that you are the artists so feel free to change colors and words to your liking!

  • January 4th Rainbow Posies
  • January 5th Chickadee
  • January 11th Peacock
  • January 12th Butterfly
  • January 18th Dock
  • January 19th Woodland Path
  • January 25th Coffee Rack
  • January 26th Sunset Cattails
  • February 1st French Cafe
  • February 2nd Painted Tray
  • February 2nd Couples Paint Rainbow Tree
  • February 8th TBD
  • February 9th Red White and Black hearts tree
  • February 14th Bath Tray (no pic yet)
  • February 15th Music is life
  • February 16th Love Birds

Recently we have moved into a beautiful new studio and we are inviting everyone to come in and see it and celebrate with us!

Monday, Dec. 3rd from 3:00 to 7:00pm will be an open house. There will be a twilight ribbon cutting at 5:00.

I have created a set of New Mexican Christmas themed Christmas cards to give away.

I am also hosting a cookie exchange. I will provide boxes and tags and wrap.

Bring a recipe (or contact information if you don’t share recipes but will take orders) and at least 2 doz cookies. One for sampling and one for trading. If you want, you can bring more to trade. You can deliver them anytime that day up till 3 o clock. At 3 you are free to collect your trades and decorate your box(es)
Invite as many of your friends as you like. We will share the samples with the other non cookie exchange guests.

You can check out the December schedule, enjoy some hot beverages and refreshments and take in the lights!

We hope to see you there!

200 Murray Dr. (Right behind the bingo place)

Monday Dec. 3rd 3 to 7pm